The Low Cost GDPR Templates Kit is

Your fast track to EU GDPR compliance.
“The kit includes detailed, specific instructions explaining how to use all of the templates, tools and documents it contains.”

Our Low Cost GDPR Templates Kit is perfect for virtually any organization, regardless of size or industry. Anyone can use it to become fully GDPR compliant quickly and easily, for literally a fraction of the price most services charge.

This is a complete kit, with every tool and document you’ll need. The full contents are detailed in the ‘What’s inside’ section. Some consultants are charging £3000 or more for the information we are making available to you.

  1. Data Breach Notification Policy and Procedure.docx
  2. Data Maps.xlsx
  3. Data Protection Impact Assessment Form.xlsx
  4. Data Protection Impact Assessment Policy and Procedure.docx
  5. Data Protection Officer – Job Description.docx
  6. Data Protection Policy.docx
  7. Data Retention Policy.docx
  8. Data Retention Schedule.xlsx
  9. Data Security Policy.docx
  10. Data Transfers Policy.docx
  11. Instructions and Compliance Checklist.docx
  12. Internal data breach register.xlsx
  13. Privacy Notice.docx
  14. Processor due diligence letter template.docx
  15. Register of personal data.xlsx
  16. Register of processing activities.xlsx
  17. Standard Data Processing Agreement.docx
  18. Subject Access Request Form.docx
  19. Subject Access Rights Policy and Procedure.docx

All of the documents are provided in industry-standard MS Word or MS Excel formats and can be edited with ease.
One of the documents included in the Low Cost GDPR Templates Kit is a complete and detailed set of instructions which explain exactly how to implement GDPR compliance for your organization. Every step you’ll need to follow is covered, and even the process
of adapting the included templates to become specific to your business or organization is made simple and approachable.
Another important document is the GDPR Compliance Checklist. You can use this once the implementation process is complete in order to ensure you haven’t missed any critical details.
Lastly, when you purchase the Low Cost GDPR Templates Kit, you also receive free updates for one year from the date of purchase. This will be vitally important in the event of any standards or guidance changes.

Low Cost GDPR
Templates Kit


Our Low Cost GDPR Templates Kit is the ideal way to ensure full compliance with the EU’s new GDPR regulations quickly. It includes all of the resources you’ll need and even fully detailed instructions on adapting the templates to your organization.

The Kit is also suitable for any organization which is contending with the GDPR regulations, regardless of industry, size, or country of origin. It is the fast track for any organization which needs to be GDPR compliant quickly, easily, and without great expense.

gdpr templates kit

Low Cost GDPR

What will happen if my organization is not GDPR compliant on May 25th?

Non-compliance with GDPR regulations could result in a fine of up to €20 million, or a full 4% of your annual turnover, whichever is higher. These fines are intended to be ‘dissuasive’, meaning harsh enough that few companies will risk them. Other penalties could include Warnings, Reprimands, and Court Orders to comply with Data Subject requests.

GDPR templates kit

Whom is the Low Cost GDPR templates kit for?

The Low Cost GDPR Templates Kit is specifically designed for:

Companies that need to achieve GDPR compliance with minimal time and cost.

Consultants who provide GDPR compliance services.

GDPR professionals who are involved in implementing the regulation in their organizations.

gdpr templates kit
gdpr templates kit

Deadline for compliance

What is the deadline for compliance?

The GDPR was approved and adopted by the EU Parliament in April 2016. The regulation will take effect after a two-year transition period and, unlike a Directive it does not require any enabling legislation to be passed by the government, meaning it will be in force May 25, 2018.

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